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Montessori School in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Ancona Montessori School is proud to invest in YOUR child. We provide your children with many life skills and a solid foundation of educational principals. Ancona encourages children to be independent, healthy, and confident. Come visit us to learn more about how Ancona Schools can provide your child with the very best in early childhood development services.
Ancona Montessori School is licensed by the Pennsylvania Board of private Academic Schools and Department of Public Welfare for Child Care services. Ancona Montessori School is a private nonsectarian school that does not discriminate according to race, creed, or national origin. Ancona Montessori School is an equal opportunity care provider. It has been in operation since 1971.
At the heart of the Montessori Philosophy is the joy of learning. We at Ancona Montessori School seek to cultivate that “ joy of learning ”. We pride ourselves to celebrating the uniqueness of every child. We do seek the status quo when it comes to early Childhood development. Instead, we believe every child is special and unique and has unlimited potential. Your child is not just a number to us, they are world changers. We desire to instill in them the ability to seek a better life through better education.
We at Ancona Montessori School believe in authentic education. Too many private and public educational systems just want to pass your child to someone else. That will not happen here at Ancona. Instead, we will take time to invest your child. We know that you believe in your child. That's why with our trusted hands we will guide them through early-childhood education. We would love to partner with you to help grow your childhood. Call us today 484-431-6469