Ancona Montessori School
630 Clothier Rd, Wynnewood, PA 19096
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Montessori Education in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Here at Ancona Montessori School we offer only quality education at an affordable price. The services we offer have been tried and tested to be the best possible educational practices. We focus on three specific areas for your child.

Sensorial Development

Through the use of specially designed Montessori Apparatus, the child works with the properties of color, order, weight and dimension. Hand-eye coordination, which is necessary in both reading and writing, is highly developed within these exercises


This area includes the development of vocabulary, writing, reading, grammar and comprehension. The children begin work with phonics and progress into blending words and sentence structure, and then into reading books and writing stories. Library and storytelling are also a part of this program.


Basically, the children are introduced to the understanding of the mathematical processes through the use of concrete materials rather than abstract memorization of rules. They begin with a quantitative knowledge of numbers up to ten, and then proceed to work with higher numbers. They begin to explore in the concrete the functions of addition, subtraction.
Other programs
In addition to our Montessori readiness program, science, music and a full arts and crafts program will be introduced to the children. These programs are integrated throughout the school day. The music time consists of finger plays, children's songs and movement to music. The children are also introduced to Spanish.